Service and Worship Times

  • Sunday Worship Service - 8:30AM & 10:30AM
  • Sunday Children's Ministry: Ages 0-12 available at both services. Ages 13-18 available at second service only.
  • Thursday Midweek Service - 7:00PM

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What should I do if I want our kids to believe in God

My husband and I are both athiests, but I come from a very christian family. When our kids go to grandma's they 'do amen' before they eat. At first this angered my husband , but then we discussed how this is a great way to explain religion to our kids. We do not necessarily want our kids to be atheist we just want them to be well informed and make their own choice. Now at home when they ask us if we are going to 'do amen' before eating we just reply 'no, mommy and daddy don't do amen'. And for now that is good enough. Do you think your husband might do something like that? You can say "Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)" "mommy is going to give thanks for her food now do you "Anabolika Definition" want to join in?" And then say daddy doesn't join us because that's his choice. Then Testosterone Cypionate Blood Clots as they get older you can explain it as they start asking questions. Just be honest and I think they will respect you for that. You can have different views but still live in harmony based on mutual love and respect. I think this approach will teach your kids to embrace and respect everyone's opinion even if it's different from theirs. good luck!I am in a similar situation Testosterone Cypionate Red Face as I am a Christian and my husband is best described as "areligious" or unsure of his beliefs. I was raised Catholic, complete with being sent to Catholic school since I was a young child. As an adult who now identifies "Anadrol 50" as Christian but not Catholic, I resent having "Oxandrolone Powder India" had religion pushed on me so heavily as a child. I came out of it certain that I did not want to place my child in such an environment, although hopefully Catholic schools today no longer allow nuns to strike the students as they did when I was there in the 1980s (yes, it still happened in the 1980s). I of course wish that my husband was Christian, but I don't believe God will punish someone who truly lives their life the way Jesus taught even if they don't identify with the formal constraints of a particular earthly religion. I agree with the views expressed by both Della and Piglet's mom.

What about honoring your sacred vows to your husband on those of whom are telling this woman to go against him and raise her child to her beliefs. He could do the same and that would just cause pain and hardship for their child/children. Marriage is a partnership.

I am atheist, but my kids know all about Christianity and that I agree with a lot of Christian's views on respecting your fellow man, etc. I don't understand how people can be so harsh without knowing these people. What happened to 'love your neighbor?'I disagree with those that show contempt for your husband. That is certainly not a Godly attitude to take. Although your husband may not believe in God, God still loves Him, and so should we as believers. I do agree that life is harder for believers in an "unequally yoked" marriage, but you can make it through. I hope you'll begin praying for your husband's salvation, if you're not already, but please don't try to push your faith on him. I would suggest first of all that you read 1 Corinthians chapter 7. This is the "marriage chapter" and it hits specifically on Christians married to unbelievers, and their children. Also, 1 Peter chapter 3 speaks specifically on the Godly way to win your husband to the Lord. We went to their church, but not every week. We would look at books, talk to persons from other religions, or discuss what others believe. When Testosterone Enanthate 1000 Mg Per Week we were older we started to inquire for ourselves, but we had a foundation of information to go by. I think there are a lessons and morals that can/need to be learned by exposure to religion even if you choose not to be religous. I have found some of the things I have learned to be quite valuable. I am Jewish, and he is an athiest. When we married, I was not very invested in my religion. I didnt realize that as I aged and had children, religion would become more important to me. We had lots of conversations prior to having our son, but over time, my feelings changed. It happens.

We deal with it by telling our son the truth: some people believe in God and some dont. It is really not that hard. He attends services with me. When he asks why Dad isnt there, I tell him that Dad doesnt isnt Jewish. I think the important thing is that he grows up with good values, which dh and I share.

The only truth is that we all will differ in what we believe. Your postings are so full of hate and venom against atheists, whom I think most of you are confusing with nihilists anyhow. If you're really a believer in Jesus and his teachings, you'd get that Jesus was preaching about love. Loving "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" eathother whether you're a Baptist or an Atheist or Jewish or Hindu or Muslim or Buddhist or any of the other numerous religions practiced today.