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Workers compensation changes to raise thresholds of serious injury

A PERSON whose leg is amputated below the knee may not have injuries considered serious enough to receive lifetime medical cover under the O'Farrell government's "Anadrol 50" new workers compensation laws, lawyers have warned.

The changes cut payments for medical expenses 12 months after a claim is made or within a year of returning to full time work.

The Sydney barrister Andrew Stone, who is the NSW director Testosterone Cypionate Side Effects Ftm of the Australian Lawyers Alliance, said the government had increased thresholds people needed to meet to receive lifetime "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" benefits and lump sum payments.

He said a person whose leg was amputated three inches below the knee and a person who had lost 80 per cent of their hearing would be assessed at 28 per cent whole person impairment, which may be below the level at which they qualified for lifetime cover. An annual assessment of their ability to return to work would determine whether or not they received ongoing benefits.

Mr Stone said people with prosthetic limbs needed to replace them every five to seven years but would not be able to do so under the changes which cap ongoing benefits.

''People will no longer get more than five years of lost wages unless they are catastrophically injured,'' Mr Stone said.

''But a manual worker does not need to be catastrophically injured to be put out of "Anaboliset Aineet" work.''

The president of the NSW Law Society, Justin Dowd, is concerned the reforms will hit the most vulnerable workers the hardest, with reduced medical benefits and entitlements.

"Our assessment of the legislation is that the changes will apply retrospectively and will therefore affect existing claims,'' he said.

''It is "Anaboliset Aineet" also foreseeable that workers with Winstrol Injectable existing entitlements to medical treatment and wage compensation will be impacted by this legislation.''

The Finance and Services Minister, Greg Pearce, confirmed the changes with the exception of those concerning heart attack, stroke and other disease injuries, as well as claims linked to injuries incurred while travelling to or from work would apply to people with Trembolona O Masteron existing claims made before the law takes affect.

This did not mean people would have to repay any past payments already received before the legislation was introduced.

A statement issued by Mr Pearce on Tuesday said the ''changes to weekly benefits, medical costs, and duration are to apply as soon as possible to existing claims''.

Treasurer Mike Baird told Parliament "the general principle is that many of the new arrangements for weekly payments will apply to existing claims as well as new claims".

The Premier, Barry O'Farrell, said the laws were not retrospective in that ''benefits received to date "buy cheap jintropin online" will not be affected''.

''In many cases, particularly for the severely injured, benefits [for the severely injured] will increase,'' he said.

Jim Casey, state secretary of the Fire Brigade Employees Union said fire officers had not been exempt from the workers compensation changes, despite other rescue workers being exempted.

"We do not begrudge volunteer firefighters maintaining their existing benefits. However, it is unacceptable to expect one firefighter to work alongside another with different levels of protection," he said.